The wise speak only of what they know, Gríma son of Gálmód.
~ Gandalph the White


  • Anthropology of the Human Body
  • Cultural Construction of Otherness
  • Therapy Culture and Politics of Fear
  • Coming-of-Age in Adverse Environments
  • Ethnography of Intimacy and Attachment
  • Representation of Self in Everyday Life

  • Criminal Justice on Colonial Frontiers
  • Documentary and Ethnographic Film
  • Sociology of Media and Communication
  • Outback Networking and Capacity Building
  • Paralegal Advisory, Counseling and Support
  • Independent Social and Environmental Audit
  • We do landscape ethnography; environmental, Indigenous and colonial historiography.

    We do criminal justice, exploring controversies which cut across academic disciplines.

    We are outback writers and film-makers; mediators of Australian cultural reality.